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The 21 Day Health Challenge

The 21 Day Health Challenge

The 21 Day Health Challenge was created by Laurel Tree Wellness’ Naomi Kilbreth and Creative Conscious Life’s Rebecca Seger. It was originally a joint project released on their Facebook community page. Now, this challenge is available in PDF form as a free download!


Each day’s challenges are easy peasy for the busy person, and designed, not to maximize your abilities in any new area, but to give you the opportunity to explore and consider what Health habits you would like to create as part of your daily routine.


Print it off, stick it to your fridge, and check off the days as you go through it. Make of the challenge what you like; it’s not about accomplishing one more challenge, but about making it work for you. And as always, if you need support through the journey, we are happy to be of help. Just reach out.

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