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Coming Home

Coming Home

In 2011, Glen and Naomi, with their young children, moved onto family land in their camper, and settled into the off-grid life.

For six years they saved all their pennies, and put their blood, sweat, and tears into their forever home.


With their own hands, Glen and Naomi built their tiny house in the middle of a field, surrounded by woods. Then Naomi wrote a book about their experience.


You can read the story of their off-grid journey in her memorr, Coming Home, from the moment they parked their camper in the middle of nowhere, to the moment they realized they had accomplished what they set out to do.


Naomi shares about adapting to solar power and rain water collection, being unemployed during the recession, giving birth in their camper to their fourth child, setbacks and successes saving for and building their house, things she and her husband would have done differently if they had the chance, and even memories shared by their children. 

This 219 page book is a story of hope, courage, tenacity, heartbreak, and celebration, and is the perfect book for anyone looking for an adventure. 


Price includes the author's signature and shipping.

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